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We are the longest running and most experienced, specialist Canine Myotherapy (massage) training academy in the UK. Our first accredited training course was in 2016 and was then accredited through the OCN (open college network). Julia Robertson, head of Galen Therapy Centre speaks internationally and holds workshops all over the world, and we are understood to be at the forefront of all new knowledge. Galen is also recommended by world famous dog experts.

Our training is aimed at genuinely dedicated people who want to improve dog’s lives by being trained by an authentic, ethical, ‘dog-centric’ and dog understanding organisation. We will train you to treat dogs through trust and choice, not through restraint, muzzling or treating on a table.

We have been providing successful accredited courses for over 10 years, since 2006. Our training is from a backdrop of 25 combined years of dedicated and exemplary tutor experience, through treating over 8,000 dogs and the most long standing externally accredited training organisation specialising in Canine Myotherapy or massage in the UK. We also train a high number of Canine Professionals, such as Veterinary Surgeons, who go on to use Galen Myotherapy extensively within their practice.

Please see below for an extensive list of the training that we’re currently providing:

Our Canine Myotherapist Diploma.

Our diploma course has been successfully running for over 10 years, and was the first externally accredited course specialising in Canine Myotherapy / Canine Massage. Internationally known, we have several different variations of this course, and allows students to train all the way to becoming a Canine Myotherapist.

Canine Myotherapy Diploma (Full Course)
This is suitable for students who have no previous knowledge of working in animal welfare. It provides all learners with foundation knowledge all the way through to the full diploma.  This new version of the course gives students all the understanding required to become a Canine Myotherapist even if they have limited experience in the field.

Canine Myotherapy Diploma (Direct Access)
This variation of the course is for those students who already have a background in the canine anatomy and physiology, or prior training. It is suitable for those who have completed a canine Anatomy and Physiology course, or Human Sports Therapists or Holistic Massage therapists.

Canine Myotherapy Diploma for the Veterinary Professional
This course is suitable for those who are already working in the capacity of a veterinary professional. This could be a degree-level qualified veterinary nurse, or a vet in training. This cause is also suitable for human or canine physiotherapists.

Canine Myotherapy Diploma for Vets
This is the CPD version of the diploma, and is suitable for vets who would like to increase their knowledge, and support animal welfare with Galen treatment protocols.

Other Courses and Workshops

Introduction to Canine Anatomy and Physiology
This is a Level 3 externally accredited course through the Laser Learning Awards. The course is designed to give you a sound knowledge in the basic anatomy and physiology of the dog. It’s great for students who would like to broaden their knowledge before or after different canine courses they may be taking such as hydrotherapy or grooming. It is also great for those who studied a long time ago, and feel they need a revision.

Enhance the health and performance of your canine athlete
This one-day workshop is an introduction and it is designed for individuals who would like to understand more about how their dog moves and the specific stresses involved with different competitive disciplines, therefore with this knowledge understand then ensure that their massage techniques are correct. This course was formerly called Pre-and Post-Event Massage.

Exercise Physiology for Professional Dog Trainers
The four-day practical and theoretical course teaches dog trainers how to recognise and help lameness and chronic pain issues in the dogs they are training. Would you know if a dog you are training is in pain? Did you know that pain can be exhibited through different and often obscure behavioural traits? Would you think that the dog was being badly behaved OR maybe they consider it they were uncomfortable?

First Aid for Dogs
This course is unique by being taught by a leading Veterinary Surgeon Andy Mead BVet Med MRCVS and supported by Julia Robertson. It is accredited by the Laser Learning Awards which gives added value for Continual Professional Development purposes. The aim of this course is to give owners a guide to first aid for dogs and provide practical instruction for treating minor cuts and ailments. It can also give the handler an insight into potentially problematic conditions that need immediate veterinary care and those that can be managed at home.

Introduction to Canine Massage Workshop
The course will give practical instruction to enable the application of three techniques and learn a little about what is under a dog’s skin. How massage can influence this, through the understanding of how mobility issues can impact on the dog’s general health as well both psychologically and physiologically, especially in cases of arthritis and many other issues affecting mobility.

Massage and the Arthritic Dog Workshop
This one day workshop is intended to demonstrate some of the benefits massage can have on the arthritic dog.It is primarily intended for handlers that have no massage experience or knowledge of canine anatomy.

Muscle Conditioning Workshop
If you perform or compete with your dog in any of the following, this course must not be missed!
This workshop is fun for both you and your dog! It will provide you with a greater understanding of your own dog’s flexibility and balance. What a dog needs to be fit and perform at their peak! You will go home with appropriate natural exercises for your dog that you can use to maintain their flexibility balance to maximise their performance.

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