Caroline Durrant

“Caroline did a maintenance treatment our nine year old agility dog. She found she was a bit sore in her shoulders. The difference in her was amazing, she was much more full of energy after her treatments and has been back working after her winter agility break and doing really well! I would definitely recommend Caroline as she was very good and patient with our wiggly dog and she explained everything thoroughly as she went along’ Rhoda Burdett, agility instructor and Behaviourist

By design my basset hound has over developed muscles around his shoulders and back end, as he’s a large breed on very short legs! Due to the onset of old age, arthritis is setting in so I wanted to find a nonaversive treatment that could ease his joints and muscle pain – without always resorting to pharmaceuticals. Working with my vet, Caroline worked with my dog over a course of several sessions and the results were immediate. My dog’s gait improved and his muscles were less tense. My dog clearly enjoyed the sessions too and he kept nudging Caroline to continue when she stopped! I have no hesitation in recommendation Caroline Durrant and her work.”

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