Case Histories

FiFi Glynn

Fifi is just one of our many case histories demonstrating the amazing effects of Galen Canine Myotherapy.  She was suffering from so many of the symptoms of chronic muscular pain.

Ozzey Martin

In ‘Ozzey before’, his ‘loading’ was uneven (seen through the position of his feet) due to the stresses his body was being put through because of his specific underlying condition, ‘lumbosacral disease’. (lower back degeneration).  He still has the condition by Galen Myotherapy has eased the loading and stress through his body, removing many of the effects of chronic pain and therefore enriching his life!

Galen Myotherapy has quite literally changed Ozzey’s life, from a prematurely old and painful dog into one that is so, so much happier.  I was also shown how I can help to maintain his condition so I too can help him.  He has top-ups every few months but I have learnt to know when he is starting to go downhill.  I feel that I am in much more control of his health and well-being!

Lesley Martin, Ozzey’s owner

Jessie Arthur

Galen has changed Jessie’s life.  I was told nothing could be done for her condition but Galen have managed the compensatory issues and she now enjoys her walks, can defecate properly, can eat more easily and is just a different and really happy dog – nothing short of miraculous!  Elizabeth Arthur

Billy Halliday

Although Billy has had only three sessions with you the results are amazing from my point of view. Billy now has a new lease of life as much as possible considering the Arthritis in his joints and Hip dysplasia. Billy loves tennis balls and that was all he was interested in but now will carry soft toys and even chew on Nylabone. It’s like all the pressure of pain he had has been taken away by your caring hands, and where did all that skin come from!

 What can I say about his nose, it’s always been dry and sometimes cracked around the edges but now he has a proper dogs nose WET. This has made a difference on his walks where he now picks up all the scents whereas before nothing now he stops and has a good sniff around.

 He used to have a cough in the morning not all the time but that’s gone now because you pointed out about a muscle that was connected to it.

  Billy is now enjoying a better quality of life without the stiffness in his legs which makes me happy because Billy deserves to live his life to the full without the pain and nothing can take away the smile on his face and happiness in his eyes.

 Without your therapy sessions Billy would not be able to enjoy as much as he does now and this comes with a BIG THANK YOU from both of us. SUE HALLIDAY

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