Our work with vets

Since 2002, Galen Therapy Centre has been working alongside vets as a specialist referral service.  Galen Myotherapy is not Physiotherapy, it is a therapy that is specialist in treating and managing chronic muscular pain in dogs.

We use specific palpation skills that can identify where the pain is originating as often compensatory issues can be more painful that the original issue.  Compensatory issues or adaptive change causes massive postural changes that exacerbate the chronic pain.

We also train Vets as part of their CPD


 ‘Galen Myotherapy has a vital and specific role in managing chronic pain in dogs; so much so I have set up a whole treatment modality based on it’. 

Hannah Capon MRCVS Managing Director of C.A.M. (Canine Arthritis Management) Galen Veterinary Consultant.


Thank you for a fabulous CPD experience. After 9 years in practice I was struggling to find the answers for many of my older and more debilitated patients. Most of these were coming in with a whole host of compensatory issues and whilst I have access to lots of treatment tools, I knew something was still missing. I now think about muscular health and function in a whole new way. I’m sure that like me, there are many primary care veterinarians out there who are great at managing acute trauma and injuries, but less confident they can provide lasting solutions when it comes to the more chronic musculoskeletal issues. By integrating myotherapy into my treatment plans I am consistently achieving better outcomes for my patients. Your course was professional, targeted and above all practical. I can’t wait for more vets to get on board with this treatment modality. Their patients will forever thank them.

Dr Jackie Campbell BVSc Hons (Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Australia).

What other Vets have said:

I have been referring patients for both Galen Myotherapy and Myotherapy combined with Hydrotherapy for several years. This has enabled me to significantly improve the management of chronic joint disease in these patients. Galen provides a good professional feedback and ongoing communication, equivalent to what I would expect from a good physiotherapist. I will continue to use this method of treatment in appropriate cases.  Ivan Crotaz MRCVS Kynoch Vets


We have been utilising Myotherapy since 2007, incorporating Myotherapy into rehabilitation treatment plans and patients suffering from a range of musculoskeletal problems such as degenerative joint disease.

The benefits of Myotherapy have been tangible and have led to an increase in our overall success rates. As the veterinary profession itself and pet owners get more familiar with the benefits of Myotherapy, we anticipate the use of Myotherapy within our treatment plans will continue to increase.

We have received nothing but positive feedback from our clients.  Lyndon Basha BVSc MRCVS Animal Ark Veterinary Centre


I have had the pleasure of referring my veterinary patients to the Galen Therapy Centre for the last few years, and I would not hesitate to recommend them to my clients or colleagues. The individualized therapy they provide for my patients helps them cope significantly better with debilitating conditions, illness and stress and I find Myotherapy to be an excellent adjunct to veterinary care. I have always found the Galen Therapy Centre professional, knowledgeable and communicative, and I have had only positive feedback from my clients. I continue to refer my patients to them with confidence.  Audra-Lynne Turner BVSc (Zim) MRCVS


I have worked closely with Julia Robertson and the Galen Therapy Centre for many years and been involved with the establishment of this course from its inception in 2006. I deliver lectures on common pathologies that cause lameness to the students as part of the course, in order to ensure accurate use of terminology and to promote discussion with referring veterinary surgeons.

As part of the final assessment team, I assess the level of knowledge and understanding of anatomy and physiology as well as its application in a clinical context via an oral examination.

From my experience and observations of this course over the past 5 years I strongly believe that it produces a high, non-compromising standard of therapist, with excellent knowledge of anatomy, physiology, ethics and perhaps most importantly application of Myotherapy technique.

Therefore in my opinion the Galen Therapy model provides a credible, effective and ethical referral service, one that I am more than happy to work alongside and indeed offer my clients for the welfare of their animals, be they for instance post operative or geriatric patients in order to support recovery and promote quality of life.  Andrew Mead BVetMed M.R.C.V.S



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