Why is assessing dog’s posture important?

When a dog changes their posture, (or how they stand and weight bear) it is a direct demonstration of how they feel within their body.  It represents that they are not comfortable to distribute their loading or weight over their body evenly, as they are protecting areas of pain or discomfort.

The posture assessment was first discussed by Julia Robertson in the book Physical Therapy and Massage of the Dog

If a dog does not stand ‘squarely’, or naturally, then they will be using a form of ‘body protection’ or compensation to take their weight off the affected area/s.  When this happens the body’s muscles change in their tone and become less flexible but stronger to maintain this extra weight. When the body changes permanently it can also be called ‘adaptive change’.

By dissipating their weight,  in time they will consequently over work other parts of their body.  These areas of over-use will then create painful muscular problems, resulting in chronic pain.  The pictures are showing cases of postural change or adaptive change and then how they have changed following Galen Myotherapy.

Before & After






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