When would my dog benefit from Galen Myotherapy?

Even if your dog is not known to be suffering from a condition or obviously lame but stiff or appears prematurely old and is displaying two or more of these parts of the ‘Galen Chronic Pain Puzzle’©.  It is likely that they are experiencing chronic muscular pain and would benefit from Galen Myotherapy. Compounded chronic muscle pain can be so intense that unless effectively managed your dog’s whole health and well being can suffer.

Change in Posture

Behavioural Changes

Change in Appearance

Change in mobility


“My dog FiFi, a ten-year-old Terrier / Chihuahua mix, suffered from multiple behavioural and postural problems. She had three sessions of Myotherapy at the Galen Centre, and it has made a huge difference in her health and personality!”

Fifi was exhibiting most of the symptoms mentioned above.

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