Identifying chronic muscular pain

‘Chronic pain may limit a person’s movements, which can reduce flexibility, strength, and stamina. This difficulty in carrying out important and enjoyable activities can lead to disability and despair’ NHS WEBLINE 2016 (HUMAN ASSESSMENT)

The identification and measuring of chronic pain is exceedingly difficult in dogs,  without ‘words’ for communication dogs have to display this pain in other ways.  However, at Galen we have discovered some unique and consistent methods of identifying muscular pain. Ensure you follow the links to  the ‘Dog Puzzle‘ and ‘Galen Pain and Behaviour Model’

Some key indicators of chronic muscular pain.




I just wanted to say thank you so much for treating my Cocker Spaniel Murphy.  Watching his reactions to you during the treatment sessions was quite an emotional encounter

He went from being a little wary and wanting to hide from you to an dog saying “hey why have you stopped treating me, I want more ?! “

Both Murphy and I could see how much your treatment was benefiting him, he has his sparkle back in his eyes and a spring in his step and I have my old Murphy back.  You knew Murphy inside and out and you got right to his soul, he is one very happy dog.  Ruth Tulett

Galen has changed Jessie’s life.  I was told nothing could be done for her condition but Galen have managed the compensatory issues and she now enjoys her walks, can defecate properly, can eat more easily and is just a different and really happy dog – nothing short of miraculous!  Elizabeth Arthur

 ‘I was so delighted to read what you said. At Last!   My world is working lurchers and sight-hounds, and people are so quick to whip damaged toes off, whereas even a part-functional toe is better than no toe at all in the majority of cases. So few people, even professionals, realise the knock-on effect with the whole body once toes are taken off. (I was a human physio for 10 years or so too).

 Then they don’t understand the dog has constant low-level pain which affects its behaviour (I’m a dog behaviour consultant now).  So thank you thank you thank you for writing that marvellous and so important article!’  Author and behaviourist Jackie Drakeford


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