Muscle Pain Model

Since 2002 Galen have been correlating the direct connections between chronic muscle pain and a dog’s behaviour. This has been compiled by detailed consultations requesting behavioural information then cataloging the reversal of the same.

Some of our observations have been also acknowledged within ‘The World Small Animal Veterinary Association’ June 2014

‘The Galen Therapy Centre Muscle Pain Behaviour Model ©

These are indications that a dog is suffering from musculoskeletal pain, they may display one or more of these behaviours.  These indications should be used in correlation with other assessments.

Based on our internal studies we have created this Galen Pain Behaviour Model ©, the most extreme signs of pain at the top working down to ‘healthy and happy’ at the bottom.

  1. Perceived Depression

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  2. Physical Behaviour Changes

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  3. Avoidance

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  4. Lack of Tolerance

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  5. Healthy & Happy

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Perceived Depression

  1. Lack of engaging with people or dogs
  2. Disinterest
  3. Lack of interest to participate
  4. Aggression (protective)

Physical Behaviour Changes


Lack of Tolerance

Healthy & Happy

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