How we work with your dog

Galen Myotherapists are trained to handle dogs in a way that gives the dog choice about their treatment.

During Treatment

We use total respect and sympathy when handling the dogs, we see, they are usually in pain and we empathise with that. Your dog will be treated on floor level or on a low bed and given the choice to have or leave the treatment, they will not be chased around the room or by any method, subtle or overt retrained. We very, very rarely have the need to muzzle because dogs are not restrained and can communicate freely with us and therefore we develop a very quick trusting relationship

These are some of the many aspects of how we work with your dogs that sets us apart from other similar therapists.

“I just wanted to e-mail you the picture I took while you were treating Jazz as I think it’s very very special and significant!! Look at his eyes!!!  Also yesterday he was playing with our Jack Russell in the garden, they were chasing each other!! Haven’t done that in years!!” Mauriza Giovanni and Jazz


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