Galen Course Accreditation

Galen Therapy Centre is a member of Laser Learning Awards

Laser Learning Awards  is recognised by the Regulatory Authorities in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It has HE capability (higher education) therefore enables Galen Training Academy to be able to offer higher level courses.

Selected Galen Training Academy courses are accredited by the Laser Learning Awards and the standards of the course are upheld by Laser and Galen’s robust internal moderating structure.

What Does Laser Learning Accreditation Mean?

Laser accreditation requires adherence to a strict code of teaching and support as well as upholding and complying with the policies of quality for training and equal opportunities required by the laser.

To have external accreditation by the Laser means that the student knows the course is being regulated by a completely independent party, ensuring the standards of teaching and required levels of learning are being upheld on an ongoing basis, and, as with all good organisations and professional bodies there is an independent complaints procedure in place.

All courses are externally moderated to ensure consistency and quality of training.

Please contact Galen for answers to any of your questions. You can be sure that participation in any accredited Galen Training Academy course means national and international recognition of your hard work, your skills and your ability.

On 27th May 2015 we received our latest LASER report from the last 12 months to confirm that our training and standards are Ofqual compliant. This information should be absolutely critical for anyone looking for a course.

What does being Ofqual compliant mean?

Compliance with a framework that is common to all training organisations that include the course material, the assessors and tutors, the standard and quality of work being received by the learners.

What levels of compliance are there?

  • Sanctions: refer to a severe divergence in practice, (mandatory).
  • Conditions: refer to improvements or alterations that have to be approved by LASER, (mandatory).
  • Recommendations: constructive recommendations that can be put in an action plan, (voluntary).

The type of standards that are checked are, all the tutors and assessors are suitably trained, we have a robust course approval system and internal quality assurance system in place, to cite just some!

Did Galen receive any actions or recommendations?

We did not even receive any, not even recommendations as we have our own action plans that we implement and have implemented, these were and have been approved by LASER.

What sort of areas of development are in your action plans?

Taken from LASER report: The last team meeting was 19th Dec 2014 and the next team meeting is planned for 24th July 2015 and then December 2015. These meetings include standardisation activities that are clearly recorded. They have pre-agreed agendas and minutes of meetings and action points recorded.

Example of our actions (July 2015):

  1. Dyslexia training. This training was for all assessors and tutors to understand dyslexia from a learning perspective to enable further learner support.
  2. Standardisation: Training to ensure that all tutors and assessors and working to the same level.

Our Internal Quality Assurance systems (IQA)

The IQA uses the LASER IQA documentation and all learners are included in the IQA sampling. The reports are very thorough and clearly identify areas for development and actions for assessors. These are effectively identified as areas for individual learners and or future cohorts. Actions are followed up to confirm they have taken place before the RAC is claimed. Actions for future cohorts are logged centrally.

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