Exercising your Puppy

exercising-your-puppy-300x293This unique book is available now! It has been authored by Julia Robertson and Elisabeth Pope and it offers a gentle, natural and pragmatic approach to how to exercise you puppy from 8 weeks to 18 months.  Foreword by Val Foss.

Whether you’ve just bought your first puppy, or are an experienced dog breeder, this book is essential reading. A detailed outline of how puppies develop physiologically, together with appropriate exercises for them at each relevant stage of their puppy-hood, helping ensure good balance, mobility and health throughout your dog s life.

Easy to follow, with clear instructions and helpful photographs, this is a detailed outline of how puppies develop physiologically, together with appropriate exercises for them at each relevant stage of their puppyhood. Different breeds develop at different paces, and all the exercises covered in this book are soft exercises meaning that the puppy/dog dictates what he or she can do.

By adopting a more natural exercise regime, puppy owners can encourage appropriate and robust development of their dogs muscular and skeletal framework, thus assisting good mobility from puppyhood through to adulthood. From alleviating stress on developing joints using obstacle negotiation, to how and when to massage your puppy, this is a comprehensive guide suitable for beginners and experienced dog owners alike

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Reader Reviews

“I have just bought home my new puppy and have been looking at books to help me. This is a fabulous book, great pictures easy to read and understand text. I really like the fact that it follows the same dogs from birth to adults and I will keep this book on my coffee table as a reference book. The authors don’t TELL you what to do with your puppy but EXPLAIN how different actions could affect your puppy which really makes you feel they care. I hope by the time my pup grows up there will be a follow up book!”

“Exercising your puppy is copiously illustrated with coloured photographs and clearly labelled diagrams which highlight and enhance comprehension of the material covered. Dot pointed texts and clear blue script subheadings are wonderful aids to understanding. All technical terms are simplified for the layperson.The text demonstrates the ability of the authors to present new concepts simply and cohesively.

Exercising Your Puppy sets a new benchmark for reference books about canine exercise. It is a trailblazer combining the unique concept of exercise and massage for puppies practically from birth. Prospective buyers who read this book before purchasing a puppy may be asking breeders some very interesting questions indeed

Exercising Your Puppy should feature prominently on the bookshelves of veterinarians, breeders, judges, show & trial enthusiasts and all those out there who love and respect their canine companions. An ideal gift for  dog lovers.

Highly Recommended for Dog Club Libraries, Upper Primary and Secondary School Libraries”

Buy both the book and ‘Improve your Dogs Health through Canine Massage’ for just £20.00 + Postage

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