Our History


Sydney Workshops

In February Julia ran her first 2-day workshops in Sydney Australia.

Galen’ Extraordinary Dog of the Year

Stacey Urwin-Burns and Sam won ‘Galen’ Extraordinary Dog of the Year and won Galen Most Improved Dog at Crufts in March.

New Galen HQ!

In May Galen Canine Therapy moved office to their new HQ in Bolney, West Sussex.

Paris Workshop

In August Julia taught a one day workshop and treated dogs near Paris, France.

Julia guest speaker in Barcelona

Julia was guest speaker at the annual European PDTE AGM in Barcelona.



Extraordinary Dog of the Year awarded at Crufts and won by Sophie Edney and Diesel

Two day workshop in Barcelona

In June, Julia visited Barcelona to teach a two day workshop

War Dogs Remembered

In July our charity War Dogs Remembered was entered onto the charity register under number 1162744. A huge milestone for our charity!

Four-day training workshop in the USA

In September Julia visited Charlotte in the USA to teach alongside Turid Rugaas for a four-day training workshop.

Two day workshop in Belgium

In November Julia visited Belgium for a two day workshop by invitation of Els Vidtz of Freedogz.


Combined Study Launched

Galen Therapy Centre Foundation for Canine Studies combined study launched.

Galen Therapy Centre Foundation Launched

Foundation for Canine Studies launched by running a pre and post event study in August

Julia runs two day seminar in Oslo

Julia returned to Oslo to run a two-day gait assessment and movement seminar.

KCAI talk at Crufts

Extraordinary Dog of the Year

We launched our ‘EXTRAORDINARY DOG OF THE YEAR’ competition 2014. The inaugural event being won by Jenny Brown and Tiga


Galen Therapy Talk at Crufts

Galen Therapy Centre and Galen Natural progression talk at Crufts in the KCAI career zone on Thursday 7th March  by Julia Robertson and Elisabeth Pope.

‘Tongue to Tail’ DVD wins award

Our DVD ‘Tongue To Tail’ won the ‘Dog Writer Association of America’ Maxwell prize in the United States.

‘War Dogs Remembered’ Charity Started


Invited to speak at the Kennel Club sports seminar in November

In November we were invited to speak at the Kennel Club sports seminar.

BVNA Accreditation for Courses

British Veterinary Nursing Accreditation gained for our courses Diploma in Myotherapy, Canine Exercise Physiology and CPD for Veterinary Nurses.

Ypres Visit

We went to Ypres again to support the dogs of war, taking three wreaths and placing them at the Menin Gate. This was the beginning of our new charity.

First Veterinary Surgery Associate.

We established our first Veterinary Surgery associate. Arun Veterinary Practice and Galen became business associates and Arun now have a  Galen Myotherapist (Kiera Ives VN) conducting Myotherapy alongside Veterinary practice.


First Ever Crufts Exhibit!

2011 was the year we exhibited at Crufts for the first time.

‘Tongue to Tail’ DVD released

The DVD ‘Tongue to Tail, The Integerated Movement of the Dog’ is released

‘The Gentle and Natural Approach to Puppy Exercise ‘ published

Julia and Liz’s book ‘The Gentle and Natural Approach to Puppy Exercise’ are published in August.

Approved Learning Supplier Status Granted

Galen Therapy Centre gained approved learning supplier status via the Professional and Career Development Loans government organisation


CAAM Launched

CAAM (The Canine Association of Accredited Myotherapists) is launched and held it’s inaugural AGM.

The Complete Dog Massage Manual’ published and released in August 2010

It’s a Dog’s World!

Julia began writing a regular monthly feature for Dog World

Galen Natural Progression Launched

Launch of the Galen Natural Progression accredited course for GNP Canine Exercise Physiologists.

‘Massage and the Arthritic Dog’ written

Massage and the Arthritic Dog written by three Galen Myotherapists

Our First Veterinary Surgeon Registered Practitioner

Our first Veterinary Surgeon Dr Birgit Ahlemeyer studied with us and become a Registered Practitioner


Course Accreditation and book completed!

Julia accredited the course ‘Introduction to Canine Anatomy and Physiology’ and completed the book ‘Canine Massage and Physical Therapy’ with Andy Mead BVet Med MRCVS.

Book  Approach!

Approached by Hubble and Hattie (Veloce Publishing) to write The Complete Dog Massage Manual’.


Launched another unique Galen course ‘Introduction to Canine Anatomy and Physiology’. A course intended for those who either wanted a standalone course or who did not have the necessary qualifications and/or knowledge criteria to enroll on the Galen Diploma course.


  • Began the Galen Myotherapy team. Galen Myotherapist is a protected title that only members of Galen and therefore members of CAAM can use.
  • Established Galen Natural Progression with Liz Pope.
  • Approached by Hamlyn book publishers to write a chapter in Pamper your Pooch by Sarah Whitehead. ISBN 9978 0 600 61558.


  • The Validation panel meeting was held in March 2006 and we received final membership to the OCN (Open College Network) in April 2006
  • First Galen graduates completed the course in 2006.
  • Together with Andy Mead BVet Med MRCVS wrote a Basic First Aid Course for dogs and also this received accreditation status. This is a unique course as it is primarily run by a Andy, a partner within Arun Veterinary Group. It is an extremely popular course and is in fact gaining in popularity due to its unique quality of being tutored by a Vet.
  • Started writing the book ‘Canine Massage and Physical Therapy with Andy Mead BVet Med MRCVS, commissioned by Mansons.


  • Ran courses with the Animal Care College in Ascot, for students with no or little background in Anatomy and Physiology the ‘Introduction to Canine and Feline Anatomy’ (Animal Care College course) and The Theory to Canine Massage (a Galen course)
  • Began working towards our own accreditation with the Open College Network (now known as Laser Training Awards) to develop the Diploma course
  • Wrote and produced and published the then unique DVD ‘Improve your Dog’s health through Canine Massage’. To this day, still extremely popular and selling well – especially when linked with the Complete Massage Manual.


Started to attend Agility shows where Galen started to introduce the idea of ‘warming up’ and ‘warming down’ dogs, this was a concept that was not thought about or integrated in any way into competition or training.  Hence the idea of the DVD was conceived.


Introduced two workshops ‘Introduction to Canine Massage’ and ‘Pre and Post Event Massage’. Both these workshops have been continuing to run successfully from then until the present day, however, always being updated. Both these courses were the first of their type and have been subsequently copied by many people and organisations.


Established. Julia Robertson started trading as Galen Therapy Centre, treating dogs on Veterinary consent. It was so new within the canine world that no one had heard of anything like it!

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