Anne Tooley

I was first introduced to canine massage when my eldest dog was diagnoses with arthritis in both her stifle joints, she was prescribed a NSAID (anti-inflammatory) for the rest of her life. As she was only 5 years old and in her prime, I was so upset. It was at the White Orchid Canine Hydro Pool, that I was introduced to the Galen Canine Therapy. After Rafiki’s first treatment she showed great improvement and by the 3rd treatment she was off of the painkillers and had returned to a normal life.

Soon after I took a workshop on the Introductions to Canine Therapy so that I could understand why canine therapy had helped Rafiki and to be able to maintain her condition. It was at this workshop that I got to learn of the so many benefits of massage. This workshop gave me an appetite to complete the diploma so I could treat other dogs and improve their lives.

I completed the Canine Anatomy and Physiology course, then onto the immensely intensive diploma course. Having gained my Galen Diploma I am now developing my new career and treating a vast array of different dogs with different conditions from the family dog that is looking for a better quality of life due to a lack of mobility, or competition dogs that are looking for enhanced performance, including the work I did on pre and post event Canicross Trailrunner huskies.

Every case is different and also wonderfully challenging but always immensely rewarding seeing the positive results!

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