Sue Maclennan

My passion for dogs began when I was a small girl and I have shared my life with a variety of different breeds from Poodle to Pointer, Basset Hounds to Border Collies and we currently have three poodle crossbreeds bringing daily joy to our lives.

In 2008 our old collie, Minnie, was diagnosed with arthritis and spondylosis and despite regular medication, her mobility slowly and insidiously began to decline. I picked up a Galen leaflet at a dog show and resolved to make an appointment for Minnie only to discover that there were no therapists in the North East. I decided that I would just have to learn how to perform the massage myself and promptly ordered a copy of ‘The Complete Dog Massage Manual’ and thus began my journey.

In November 2011, I made the decision to leave full-time employment and study for a professional qualification and pursue a new career as a Galen Myotherapist. I enrolled on the ‘Introduction to Canine Anatomy and Physiology’ course and was soon engrossed in the subject and, thanks to the excellent support and encouragement provided by the Galen tutors, I then went on to successfully complete the ‘Diploma in Canine Massage Therapy’ and I intend to study for the GNP Canine Exercise Physiology course in the future.

Sadly, dear old Minnie is no longer with us but with her inspiration, I now treat other lame and arthritic dogs, both young and old, and it is wonderful to witness their improved mobility. It is equally rewarding to treat competitive agility dogs and see their owner’s delight in their improved performance. I also help to raise awareness amongst all dog owners of the impact of everyday stresses and strains and how seemingly minor issues can adversely affect the long term mobility of our canine companions.

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