Professional Body (CAAM)

One of the many ways Galen is improving and progressing how they operate is by introducing a fully functional and legal professional body called the Canine Association of Accredited Myotherapists – C.A.A.M (new website under construction)

It is set up with both an operational and executive committee. The Executive committee is made up of Veterinary Surgeons and top Canine Professionals that have no direct connection to Galen; this provides the transparency, legality and external support that a body such as this requires.

It also has an integral complaints procedure that will be managed as laid down by the constitution.

C.A.A.M has been set up to:

  • Provide a consistently good service and treatment for all dogs
  • Provide a legal, professional and recognised referral service for all vets
  • Provide a recognised referral for all canine para-professionals
  • This structure is identical to many of the large and other successful bodies who regulate their own profession (as opposed to those organisations who regulate themselves with no external ‘who is guarding the guards’ policy)
  • With the development of the Canine Myotherapy, Galen are even more determined to set a high standard of training and practice and will not tolerate any practitioner who practices outside the law or the code of conduct and ethics.
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