As you know, we love talking about our fantastic …

As you know, we love talking about our fantastic team, and we continue today by focusing on Galen Myotherapist Sarah Hancox. Here’s her story in her own words, and how she can help your dog.

“Since moving to the Derbyshire Peak District my dogs and surroundings have become my greatest inspiration. I find the moorland landscape; the colours of the changing seasons inspirational and have remained motivated to keep my own dogs fit enough to enjoy their lifestyle for as long as possible. Training to become a Galen Canine Myotherapist became the start of my journey.

I enjoy working with all ages and breed of dog; however, my interest lies in working with running dogs; lurchers and greyhound racing survivors who are likely to have been subjected to repetitive muscular strain, overexertion and potentially the long-term chronic effects of a racing injury.

In addition to clinical practice, I attend shows and events around the region as well as hosting practical workshops introducing owners and their dogs to the benefit of canine massage. The most important part of which is talking to proactive owners who are genuinely interested in how they can work with me to support their dog’s musculoskeletal health throughout all their life’s stages and levels of activity.

Sharing our canine experiences with fellow dog owners and discussing ways we can make their dog’s lives easier whilst supporting their long-term health and mobility, is what makes attending events especially meaningful. Whilst as a team we are spread around the country, getting together with fellow therapists inspires us all and reminds us of the profound and sometimes life-changing impact that Galen Canine Myotherapy can have on the dogs we treat.

Galen Canine Myotherapy’s ability to elicit change within all the body’s systems enables it to play a highly significant role in the welfare, wellbeing and the longevity of any dog and contributing to keeping my canine clients as fit and active as possible into old age is something that I find endlessly rewarding and humbling.”

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