Sarah Hancox

Mob: 07793 682685

My History

Before embarking on my training I had no prior involvement in the dog world; other than as an owner. I have since found that working with dogs restores a more mindful approach to life; its one-to-one focus on healing provides the perfect foil to lecturing, which I have done for over twenty years.

Since moving to the Peak District my dogs and surroundings have become my greatest inspiration. I find that the moorland landscape; the colours of the changing seasons are inspirational and I’ve been motivated to keep my own dogs fit enough to enjoy their lifestyle for as long as possible.

Why I decided to take this path of Myotherapy

As a therapeutic practice, from a health enhancing as well as a rehabilitative point of view, massage therapy as a discipline has stood the test of time, yet is still evolving. I have been inspired by the fact that training offered by The Galen Therapy Centre continues to look to the future; embraces new findings and continues to evolve the manner in which it works to support dogs.

A brief rationale as to why I took on the training

I felt it was important to undertake the best training available; and my prior experience enabled me to identify recognisable awarding bodies and stringent quality processes. Whilst not the most glamorous reasons, these issues are essential when considering the quality of training, assessment and support you are to receive and where this might ultimately take you.

Where I am now

I work with all ages and breed of dog, however my particular interest lies in the rehabilitation of running dogs, lurchers and ex-racing greyhounds whose working life may have been impaired by racing injury, repetitive muscular strain and overexertion. The ability of myotherapy to elicit change within all of the body’s systems enables it to play a highly significant role in the welfare, wellbeing and longevity of any dog, and contributing to keeping them as fit and active as possible into old age is something that I find endlessly rewarding.


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