Helen Cherry

Mob: 07974 663452 helen@helen-cherry.co.uk

My journey into the world of Galen Myotherapy began with horses!

I have been working with horses for many years and 10 years ago a rather wonderful mare called Nancy came into my life and changed it forever.  Nancy led me on a journey of discovery into the world of muscle therapy to find a way to ease her pain and restore her range of movement.  I was amazed at the difference myotherapy made and how it literally changed her demeanour, behaviour and eventually her performance – and this was a horse that no other therapist or vet had been able to even touch, never mind diagnose.  The physical benefits were very clear to see but the psychological benefits were a complete surprise to me and so very rewarding.  I eventually became a Masterson Method Practitioner and then Coach and have worked full time as an equine myotherapist for the past 8 years, working alongside vets to help competition horses from all disciplines, rehab cases and horses & ponies that are retired and simply cherished family pets!

Most of my clients have dogs, lots of them, and I noticed that quite a few seemed to be suffering with similar issues that my equine patients had i.e. adapted posture and a seemingly huge difference in the range of movement that dogs of the same breed were displaying.  My clients began to ask me if I could work on their dogs too so I decided to study the comprehensive Galen Canine Myotherapy Diploma course.  Having gained my Galen Diploma I now treat a variety of dogs from family dog’s that are looking for a better quality of life or recovering from injury, to guard dogs and working dogs that are looking for enhanced performance.  I draw on my knowledge and experience from the equine world of myotherapy as every case is different, but it’s always extremely rewarding to see the positive results!

Most of my life I have had working Collie dogs at home but more recently I acquired a small lurcher, Rosa.  What a difference, mentally and physically, and now I know why I was led to Galen.  I spend most of my free time working on Rosa to help her recover from her frequent but crazy pursuits of deer that invariably end up with soft tissue injuries and cramps!! Every time I marvel at the ability we have to help them heal with a touch and feel and what a wonderful gift this is that also strengthens the bond between human and animal.


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