Jane-Marie Gilmore

County Antrim
Mob: 07973 265489 janemariegilmore@hotmail.com

I have had a love of dogs all my life, always had a dog as a pet. My dog is Darcy, she is a Lab X, a rescue dog, and is 7 years old.
My background is as a massage therapist since 2006. Specialising in Sports massage incorporating Neuromuscular therapy.
With my love of both dogs and massage, observing how beneficial massage therapy is physically, mentally and emotionally for us humans I set about researching if there were any therapists treating dogs. I found Galen Therapy and contacted them and attended a workshop about Canine Myotherapy, its benefits and how to train as a Galen Myotherapist.
I found Julia’s talk that day so interesting. I was impressed by the professional approach of Galen therapy for the treatment and support of dogs and their welfare, how to work alongside Veterinarians and other professionals involved with canine welfare. I knew there and then that if I were to undertake the training it would be both challenging and amazing.
Yes the course was challenging, but that is what is expected to gain the knowledge and experience required to treat out beautiful canine friends.
I find treating dogs so rewarding and fun, dogs are amazing and intuitive, they each have their own personality.
I feel very passionate of the benefits of Canine Myotherapy treatment, and working with dogs, which has been a dream of mine for many years. I treat dogs with various conditions that affect mobility, from family pets to working dogs to enhance performance and quality of life, as well as rescue dogs reducing stress.
Please contact me if you would like to discuss any issues with your dog.


“My Lab/Collie/Rotty cross Peter, was diagnosed with arthritis when he was just over 1. He is now 8 takes 20-40mg of Maxitram a day depending on how sore he is. He was always very stiff and was obviously overcompensating to protect his painful joints. I was advised to go to Jane-Marie for Galen Myotherapy and I’m so glad I did.

I loved the fact that it was in a relaxed homely atmosphere and not “clinical’ like a vets office, he was totally relaxed the whole time and took to Jane-Marie quicker than I have seen him take to anyone. He loves getting treated and gets excited in the car about half a mile away from Jane-Marie’s house as he knows he will feel eased of pain after.

Jane-Marie is great at reading him and when he has had enough in one spot and wants her to move, she seems to know. She explains everything that she is doing and why and I have complete trust in her.
I can’t recommend Jane-Marie or Galen Myotherapy enough. It’s a marvel!”

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