Julia Robertson

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Julia has always worked with animals.  From the age of 10 she decided that this was going to be her vocation; firstly qualifying in Dairying and Veterinary Nursing and to this day the same dedication still remains and it is now dedicated to improve the quality of dogs lives through treatments, training and a greater appreciate of how muscular pain can effect dogs.


With her background and qualifications  in human, canine and equine sports and remedial massage, Julia has always worked and cared passionately about all animals.  From her earliest memories of school holidays, working at a local kennels,  walking the dogs during her lunch break because they were not exercised during their stay!

Her first family dog was a Beagle called ‘Candy’ and her arrival was after much nagging her parents to ‘pleeeese can we have a dog’ and then much time her they spent researching the best family dog.  Julia spent much of her school holidays with Candy and loved every minute until she died at a good age of 13 years old.

Having been an active partner on a working farm, Julia quickly recognised her affinity with animals. Before long it was Julia who was called upon when an animal needed help and she could often tell when an animal was ill before they did themselves.

This instinct led her on to become a Veterinary Nurse, then to the field of massage when her Labrador , Huffo, became severely ill. An early diagnosis said that he had a degenerative disease for which there was no treatment and that he may need to be put to sleep.

Thankfully however, a second opinion identified a potential soft tissue problem in his neck and so Julia asked a friend, a horse osteopath, to provide treatment. Initially Huffo responded with some small signs of improvement and later went on to make a full recovery after Julia applied some simple exercises that would improve his mobility.

Julia realised that there was a need for canine physical therapy practitioners and that undoubtedly there were other dogs out there suffering, or even worst being put to sleep unnecessarily.

Julia researched the subject and found that in America it was already an established practice. She then studied human Sports and Remedial massage here in the UK (a pre-requisite) and then in 2001 journeyed to America for full training and later went on to train and qualify in equine as well.

Published author and other media

She has written three books two on Canine Massage and Physical Therapy

The Complete Dog Massage Manual published by Hubble and Hattie 2011.

Canine Massage and Physical Therapy published by Taylor Francis that was co-authored with Andy Mead BVetMed MRCVS is the most recently released book, available in the shop.

The third she wrote with Liz Pope ‘Puppy Exercise – The Gentle and Natural Approach’, this was published in 2011.

In 2005, Julia wrote and produced a DVD ‘Improve your Dogs Health through Canine Massage’; this DVD is still selling really well as it is as pertinent today as it was then.

She also co-produced and wrote the DVD ‘Tongue to Tail – the Integrated Movement of the Dog’ with Liz Pope. 2011.  This DVD is now being sold in the USA and has sold all over the world due to the unique and fascinating content.  This has recently won the The Maxwell Award’ by the ‘Dog writers association of America’

She also works very closely with world renown dog trainer and behaviourist, Turid Rugaas and travels the world speaking in Seminars and Training.


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