Lucy Tyrrell

Mob: 07941427336

I have spent my life surrounded by dogs having had everything from one West Highland White Terrier up to four at any one time! My background is in teaching which I continue to be extremely passionate about.  However I had always dreamed of working with dogs but I never knew exactly what I wanted to do; though I did know I wanted to do something that would improve their quality of life.

After a chance conversation with a friend in Richmond Park, I went about searching and researching. It was then that I came across Galen Therapy Centre.  I sent an email to Julia that same day and arranged to go to West Sussex for a visit.  I was lucky enough to watch a few treatments and was inspired.  I remember thinking that I would love to be able to ‘do something like that’ and help dogs in the way that she was helping them; I knew from that day that this was for me.  Since then I haven’t looked back. I enrolled on The Diploma in Canine Massage Therapy and thanks to a lot of hard work and the supportive and knowledgeable tutors, I have recently qualified.

I truly feel privileged to meet so many wonderful dogs that really benefit from being treated with Galen Canine Myotherapy. Every dog I meet and work with is different and every single one of them teaches me something new.


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