Luisa Greig

Mob: 07592 310016

I started my journey by undertaking a degree in Equine Science at Hartpury College, University of the West of England. My interest in therapy and rehabilitation soon became apparent, and I regularly assisted at their Equine Therapy Centre. Upon graduating, I applied to the McTimoney College of Chiropractic for a place on their Animal Manipulation postgraduate degree course, which would allow me to train as a McTimoney Animal Therapist.

I used the 18 month break from studying to shadow various musculoskeletal therapists, completing placements at several equine and small animal veterinary practices, and as a small animal veterinary nursing assistant.

It was working as a junior canine hydrotherapist during this period, however, that really cemented my interest and enjoyment in working with dogs in particular. Rehabilitating and providing conservative and/or post operative care to dogs with a range of musculoskeletal and neurological conditions was truly fascinating, not to mention hugely rewarding. Being able to facilitate the dog’s progress, and seeing their trust, confidence, demeanour (i.e. cheekiness!) and functionality improve over the course of the treatment programme was just wonderful.

As a newly qualified therapist, I was keen to develop my skills and knowledge. I wanted to pursue further training in the canine muscular system to allow me to improve the service I could offer my clients by providing a more comprehensive and effective treatment. I felt that training as a Galen Myotherapist would allow me to develop as a therapist, and the techniques would complement and enhance the McTimoney treatment. The Galen Myotherapy Diploma provided me everything I wanted from the course; academically, I felt it was pitched at an appropriately challenging level for therapists, and practically, it provided me with invaluable hands on experience and mentorship from experienced, knowledgeable therapists.

I currently run a largely canine practice, although I do also treat horses. I hold a weekly clinic at Roundstone Canine Hydrotherapy Centre in Angmering, where I see dogs with a variety of musculoskeletal conditions, from those with hip dysplasia who are being managed conservatively, to older dogs with arthritis whereby treatment is aimed at improving and/or maintaining mobility. I also regularly treat working dogs such as Guide Dogs, and those taking part in competitive sports such as agility and obedience. It has been great to hear about the positive changes in my clients’ dogs after having introduced them to Myotherapy!


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