Nicola Wreford

Tel: 01638 552351 Mob: 07729 340907

I have worked with horses and owned dogs all of my adult life. Working in the Thoroughbred industry I  have seen many problems and injuries and how with the high standards of care and veterinary knowledge they are treated. This made me think about how I could improve the lives of my own dogs. I began showing Rhodesian Ridgebacks over 10 years ago and proudly showed them at Crufts.

Since then I have acquired 3 lurchers that also show, race and do fun agility one of them winning the title of East Anglian Lurcher Champion in 2008. I  became interested in finding ways to improve their fitness, stamina, condition and soundness. Massage has improved the tone and condition of their muscles and has helped to improve their recovery time after exercise.  My dogs range from the age of 13 ½ years to 9 months and I have found that massage therapy has been beneficial to all of them from the oldest with arthritis to the youngest to help her become more balanced in her movement.

I chose to do the Galen Diploma because I wanted to get an in depth knowledge of both the theory and practical sides of massage. I wanted to obtain an accreditation that would be recognised and had external accreditation and this course fitted the criteria.

At present I am treating dogs suffering from Hip Dysplasia, Osteoarthritis and muscular tension caused by poor conformation. It is great to see improvement in dogs after they have had a treatment and to be able to help to make life more comfortable and enjoyable for them.


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