Sarah Curtis

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As a Registered Veterinary Nurse, the health and well being of animals is a passion and even after 30 years working in mainly small animal practices, this hasn’t diminished. My interest in myotherapy came about when researching osteoarthritis management as our veterinary practice is always looking to improve standards of treatment and long-term care. I also had an arthritic dog and cat and although anti-inflammatory medication helped, I was saddened to witness a gradual decline in their mobility and therefore enjoyment of life. It was whilst on a physiotherapy course provided by the British Small Animal Veterinary Association that I was introduced to the benefits of myotherapy for pain relief and in case studies carried out on my own two pets, I was able to document a significant improvement in their mobility through massage. I was intrigued; I needed to find out more!

There are many myotherapy (or massage) course providers out there but Galen struck me as heads above the rest as they offered accredited courses through Laser Learning Awards and the courses were not only run by professionals in the field but they had also attracted veterinary surgeons, nurses, ACPAT physiotherapists, behaviourists and chiropractors.

I found that the diploma course itself was academically challenging and through the case studies conducted within my veterinary practice I was able to demonstrate to our clients, my colleagues and myself as a student myotherapist, positive outcomes from all the dogs were treated. The greatest joy has been watching dogs eagerly coming into the veterinary practice for their treatment gaining their trust during their therapy and be able to involve owners in the treatment process too.

Alongside my normal nursing duties at Heathside Veterinary Surgery, I am working mainly with dogs and cats with conditions such as degenerative joint disease, soft tissue injuries, spinal disease and in post surgical rehabilitation and feel really happy that we are now offering a complete and effective long-term management programme for these much loved pets. Our management programme includes myotherapy, weight management, nutrition and supplements, exercise therapy and advice on environmental adaptations to make life easier for pets.

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