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We are the longest running and most experienced, specialist Canine Myotherapy (massage) training academy in the UK, and as you can imagine we’re constantly updating our courses and workshop calendar.

We’re currently updating our website, and sadly you’ve landed on a page with outdated course information. Therefore, please do not click on the links at the bottom of the page, but instead follow the link below.


Thank you! And don’t forget to contact us if you have any questions.

Our first accredited training course was in 2016 and was then accredited through the OCN (open college network). Julia Robertson, head of Galen Therapy Centre speaks internationally and holds workshops all over the world, and we are understood to be at the forefront of all new knowledge. Galen is also recommended by world famous dog experts.

Our training is aimed at genuinely dedicated people who want to improve dog’s lives by being trained by an authentic, ethical, ‘dog-centric’ and dog understanding organisation. We will train you to treat dogs through trust and choice, not through restraint, muzzling or treating on a table.

We have been providing successful accredited courses for over 10 years, since 2006. Our training is from a backdrop of 25 combined years of dedicated and exemplary tutor experience, through treating over 8,000 dogs and the most long standing externally accredited training organisation specialising in Canine Myotherapy or massage in the UK.

We also train a high number of Canine Professionals, such as Veterinary Surgeons, who go on to use Galen Myotherapy extensively within their practice.


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