Canine Myotherapy Diploma for the Canine Professional

Galen Myotherapy for the Canine Professional’ is an abridged version of our well established ‘Galen Myotherapy Diploma’ course that has been running since 2006.

It is intended for para-professionals such as Veterinary Surgeons, Physiotherapists and Vet Nurses with Degrees in Veterinary Nursing.

This course has the identical practical training as the Diploma in Galen Myotherapy, the difference is with the theory or written work.

Galen Myotherapy is a specialist therapy working within the areas of chronic muscular pain in dogs. It enables through palpation identification of areas of dysfunction that can be treated effectively creating change and enabling a redistribution of stress and loading bringing about eased pain perception.

Within practice you can make a positive change to the above conditions (and many more) whilst generating income for the practice. The course is also affordable and valuable Continuing Professional Development -you can claim 300 hours CPD and can be completed within 6 months of enrolling.

“Physical modalities can be used to diminish pain, promote soft tissue healing, improve muscle extensibility and facilitate muscle strengthening. Physical modalities that have been studied in human and animal models include but are not limited to the following.

Manual techniques The application of hands-on treatments can effect tissues mechanically and physiologically to decrease pain, increase circulation, reduce swelling, increase soft tissue extensibility and normalize joint mobility: Joint mobilization: In human and rat models manual application of forces through inflamed and non-inflamed joints increases mechanical nociceptive thresholds”.

Journal of Small Animal Practice • Vol 55 • June 2014 • © 2014 WSAVA


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