Vet Testimonials

“Thank you for a fabulous CPD experience. After 9 years in practice I was struggling to find the answers for many of my older and more debilitated patients. Most of these were coming in with a whole host of compensatory issues and whilst I have access to lots of treatment tools, I knew something was still missing. I now think about muscular health and function in a whole new way. I’m sure that like me, there are many primary care veterinarians out there who are great at managing acute trauma and injuries, but less confident they can provide lasting solutions when it comes to the more chronic musculoskeletal issues. By integrating myotherapy into my treatment plans I am consistently achieving better outcomes for my patients. Your course was professional, targeted and above all practical. I can’t wait for more vets to get on board with this treatment modality. Their patients will forever thank them”.

Dr Jackie Campbell BVSc Hons (Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Australia.

“Having been a vet for 12 years I was beginning to fall into the trap of treating my career as a job and no longer a passion. But then I learnt about Galen Myotherapy. I was cynical at first as we are taught if it can’t be quantified and tested then you can’t trust it. But having completed the course and now using it in every consult, I realise what an essential foundation block it is when assessing and treating animals. I feel like I am now doing the job I set out to do 19 years ago when I started university.

I am continually blown away with the differences Galen Myotherapy makes to animals and it is due to this that I cannot refer to it as complementary therapy, but as integrative therapy. Western based veterinary approach results will be bolstered with Galen Myotherapy. I just hope others get to experience the profound changes that can be made combining the two”.

Hannah Capon VetMB BA MRCVS

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