Exercise Physiology for Professional Dog Trainers

The four-day practical and theoretical course teaches dog trainers how to recognise and help lameness and chronic pain issues in the dogs they are training.

Would you know if a dog you are training is in pain? Did you know that pain can be exhibited through different and often obscure behavioural traits?

Would you think that the dog was being badly behaved OR maybe they consider it they were uncomfortable?

This course will help you recognise issues with dogs you are training and enable you to give your customers some basic by effective massage techniques for them to help their dogs plus some natural exercises for each dog to become more flexible and less uncomfortable.

 The trainer is Julia Robertson who travels all over the world training and giving seminars. This course is now being delivered in the USA, Spain, Belgium and Taiwan.


No dogs, or anyone, can move and be able to do things without muscles. It does not help to have a healthy body if there are no muscles to support joints and skeleton, the muscles are the engine that makes our bodies work and keep the body in balance. Julia Robertson is a specialist on muscles and muscle therapy, and does a pioneering work in UK at her canine therapy center. She can teach us how to build up good muscles the best way, and when muscles are sore and painful how to heal them again. Dogs with behavior problems often have muscle pain,  and the real problem is not discovered. Julia is a great teacher, and she will teach you how to understand muscles and build them up the right way, how to assess a dog’s muscle problems, and how to help the dog. This is a unique chance of learning about an extremely important part of the dog’s body. Do not miss it! Turid Rugaas, International Dog Trainer, Norway

I want to thank Julia Robertson from Galen Therapy Centre for helping me look at dogs in a whole new way. This was the most informative hands on seminar I have attended in a long time. I have worked with dogs my whole life; 20 years as a veterinary technician/hospital manager and 10 years as a pet motel owner. At the pet motel, we provide boarding, grooming, training and serve as a foster facility for rescues.  I also compete with my dogs and work with many sport dog handlers at a national level. As such, I thought I knew it all. But, what I learned at this seminar will forever alter how I prepare dogs to compete, help rescue dogs relax, decompress and start to trust again and how I will help my clients bond with and enjoy their dogs. What I learned at this seminar will impact every dog I touch and every client I meet.

If you are a trainer or compete with a dog, this seminar is for you. If you want the most out of your show or sport dogs, this seminar is for you.  If you do rescue work and really want to help the dogs become whole again, this seminar is for you. If you have any questions, you can always get in touch with me. Kristen Triplett.  Pasadena Pet Motel and STK9 Training

Julia’s class was both informative and fun. If you know nothing about dog anatomy or everything this class will teach you something. As a trainer It puts in perspective how dogs move. Teaching you to look at more than behavior and to really to understand dogs as a whole. It was an intensive course but Julia’s style of teaching breaks it down in way that is easy to understand and I cannot wait until I take her next course!! Angel Ours.  Angel’s Paws Academy, Greensboro, NC

Practical, useful and a necessity. In her education Julia finds a perfect balance between theory and practical exercises. Together with the many photos and film clips you get a very good insight on the different body postures and movements of dogs. It helps you detect possible pain in dogs. A necessity when working with dogs, or owning them. Rachael Draisma, Behavior Consultant and Dog Trainer. Holland

As a dog trainer and a behavior consultant we have many tools in our toolbox to use with our clients and their dogs. This, I feel, is one of the most important tools that we can have. We think of everything in terms of behavior, if this does not work we use that and if this does not work we use something else. But, never have we used pain or we have used it when it has just been very, very obvious. Now, I look at so many different areas on a dog and after taking this course, currently have a case with two dogs who both are exhibiting not only behavior problems but pain problems. I would have never looked at before I took this course with Julia. I think taking this course has put the biggest tool in my toolbox and I am so thankful to have taken this course. I have learned so much and it is helping me to teach my clients about how important it is that your dog walks instead of trots and about building proper muscles for the dog. It is one of the most valuable courses I have taken in my quest to learn more and more about dogs and behavior. Thank you, Julia, I look forward to learning much more from you. Lizz McKeon, CPDT-KA Poughquhe, NY



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