Massage and the Arthritic Dog Workshop

This one day workshop is intended to demonstrate some of the benefits massage can have on the arthritic dog.

It is primarily intended for handlers that have no massage experience or knowledge of canine anatomy.

How can it help ‘my’ dog?

Gentle specialised massage techniques can really help osteo-arthritis.  The benefits can be astonishing with your dog improving their mobility through easing of joint discomfort therefore becoming so much happier!  Read this article featured Dog World magazine Compensating for Compensation (article Dogworld Jan 10)

…..Osteoarthritis / D.J.D. can also be called secondary joint disease, thought to be brought on as a result of a trauma or injury to the area.  ……  We also found that the average age for a diagnosis for O.A. was 9 years old, 66% were 8 years and over and 25% were 12 year and older; to us 9 years old is very young for a dog to be suffering from any form of arthritis……Of those dogs seen and treated all of the handlers reported improvement with their dog’s mobility therefore their quality of life after having  treatment.  Excerpt DogWorld 2009 written by Julia Robertson.

 The advantages of massage for your arthritic dog


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