Crowdfunding for India

Galen is forming a team to go to India In May 2017 to train two canine professionals; one Vet and a canine trainer and behaviourist to be qualified Galen Myotherapists, so they can help dogs over there like they have been helped over here!

Julia and her team are giving their time and experience for free and will also be offering free workshops to dog owners to help them understand more about their pets’ natural movement so they can help them live pain-free lives, and look for signs that they could be suffering from an underlying condition.

They will also be following Indian street dogs and hope to undertake a study of the stray dogs’ environmental effects compared to domestic dogs , to help further their knowledge of canine  RSIs (repetitive strain issues.)

This a huge project for Julia and the Galen Myotherapy team, and they are grateful for any support people can offer to help them carry out their work while in India. Julia is passionate about supporting dogs, and their owners in turn, by helping them live long, healthy lives. Her mission while in India is simply to “make a difference”.

It would be wonderful if you could support this project as we are looking to fund enough money to pay for our flights as everything else will be funded by ourselves.

Thank you so much, your help will so many dogs in India both now and in the future AND help us understand more about how we can help to prevent so many problems with our dogs in the UK.


The video is Sindhoor Pangal from Bangalore in India.  She is explaining what this trip will mean to her and how she wants to improve the lives of dogs in India as well and provide knowledge to help dogs in the UK.

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