Distance Support Programme

At Galen Therapy Centre, we’re pleased to say that we have therapists working all across the country who are able to provide hands-on treatment for your dog.

Unfortunately, it may be that you’re not in the same geographical area as a Galen Canine Myotherapist, but would still like your dog to benefit from our knowledge and expertise. If this is the case, we’re pleased to say that our Distance Support Programme that can help, offering guided support for you and your dog, wherever you are in the world.

There is, of course, no complete substitute for professionally applied treatment from a Galen Canine Myotherapist. However we believe strongly in sharing knowledge, and are confident that many of the techniques that we are able to share via this programme will help your dog. Using information that you provide around posture, behaviours, and photographs of your dog, we can provide you with a visual assessment of your dog, practical massage techniques. All of these will allow you to support your dog.

How it works

– Step One: The Initial Assessment

The first step is an Introduction and Assessment, which costs £20. This allows a remote assessment of your dog by our highly qualified Galen Myotherapists.

We’ll ask you to complete a questionnaire around your dogs environment, behaviour and lifestyle. We’ll also ask information around any known conditions or issues that your dog may have. Further to this, we also require that you send us some specific photographs of your dog, examples of which are given below.

Following this, we will contact you with our assessment of your dog, sharing our expert opinion around postural issues, areas of muscular tension, incorrect loading etc. We will also let you know with complete transparency at this point how, and more importantly if, we can help.

– Step Two: Enrolling Onto The Programme

If you’re happy with this assessment, and would like to receive bespoke treatment advice based upon our evaluation then you can enrol fully onto the Distance Support Programme.

We’ll support you and your dog for four weeks, and this process is available at a cost of £60. We’ll send you our full programme pack, the contents of which are outlined below, and this provides full guidance on how to help, and the processes to follow (you can download more information by clicking here). If you would like further ongoing support this is charged at £55 per month.

The Distance Support Programme pack contains:

During the course of your time on the programme, you will have designated email contact with your dedicated Galen Myotherapist. They will view the videos you send through, and give advice and feedback on how you can improve application of techniques. You’ll be able to contact them and discuss your dog’s progress, and further activities that together we can undertake.

It can also help your vet with a differential diagnosis of your dog. By sharing our feedback around your dog, it can support them in working out where the problems lies, especially if other clinical treatments are not providing improvement to the problem.

Ongoing Support

It may be that after the four weeks have ended, you would still like be enrolled on the programme. We’re pleased to say we offer this option too, at a cost of £55 per month. Reasons for continuing on the Distance Support Programme could be:

If you’d like to continue on the Distance Support Programme at the end of the four weeks, please discuss with the therapist, or email luisa@caninetherapy.co.uk

How To Enrol

– Providing Us With The Required Information

If signing up for the initial assessment, please email us an we will send you a questionnaire. This goes into detail around the medical history of your dog, any issues they may have had in the past, and their environment. Please complete with as much detail as you can, as it will support hugely with diagnosis and our assessment.

– Payment Options

We have several different options which will allow you to sign up online.

Payment for the initial assessment, based upon your supplied photographs and questionnaire completion (£20)

Payment for enrolment for the Distance Support Programme for four weeks following an initial assessment and report (£60)

Continuation service. Please click here to complete payment of continuing monthly support (£55)


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