Distance Support Programme

At Galen Therapy Centre, we’re pleased to say that we have therapists working all across the country who are able to provide hands-on treatment for your dog.

Unfortunately, it may be that you’re not in the same geographical area as a Galen Canine Myotherapist, but would still like your dog to benefit from our knowledge and expertise. If this is the case, you may have heard of our Distance Support Programme. Through this programme, we would share techniques to allow you to help your dog. Using information that owners provide around posture, behaviours, and photographs of your dog, we provided a visual assessment of your dog, practical massage techniques and more.

However, we’re always evolving as an organisation, and in mid-July 2019 embarked on a redevelopment of our this programme. Therefore, whilst the Distance Support Programme is under review, we’re currently not able to enrol dogs into the programme.

We’re looking forward to relaunching an enhanced and improved version of our Distance Support Programme in late Autumn 2019. For updates around this, please follow us on Facebook or send a quick email to mail@caninetherapy.co.uk to register your interest.

Despite the fact that this programme is on hold, there may be other ways that we can help your dog remotely, so please get in contact if you’re looking for our support.

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