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Julia speaks at seminars, AGM’s, Contnuing Professional Development or as a guest speaker.  If your organisation is interested in Julia coming along to your event, these are some of the subjects she talks on:

About Julia

Julia Robertson is an award-winning MyotherapistAuthor, DVD, writer and producer and the Galen Canine Therapy Centre founder.

Julia has treated over 8000 pet, assistance, working and competition dogs since founding the Galen Therapy Centre in the UK in 2002.  Her enthusiasm and passion has grown the centre into a team of trained Galen Myotherapists based all over the UK and abroad.

Forthcoming international training and seminars

Enhancing Muscle Performance for the Harness Dog with Cushla Lamen August 2017

India – Bangalore.  Taking a team of 4 out to Bangalore to treat, train and give seminars.  May 2017

December 2016  – Barcelona.

January 2017 – Taiwan and Florida

April 2017 – Washington DC.

May 2017 – India.

June 2017 – Belgium

September 2017 – Belgium

October 2017 – France

Also in the process of being confirmed: Grand Canaria, Capetown, Italy, France and The Czech Republic, China.

Previous talks, seminars, one and two-day workshops include

Oslo – Turid Rugaas’s Symposium March 2015 and again 2018.

USA – Charlotte, South Carolina, September 2015 and November 2016/2016.

USA – Florida, St Petersburg – January 2017

Taiwan – Canine Symposium – January 2017

Belgium – with Els Vidts of ‘FreeDogz’, November 2015; Exercise Physiology for the Dog Trainer – June 2017.

KCAI Crufts – 2013, 2014, 2015.

C.H.A. AGM, 2015.

Canine Epilepsy Society – April 2017

Plumpton College – Veterinary Nurse module 2013/4/5/6/7.

Sydney and Brisbane – April 2016

PDTE annual conference Barcelona – September 2016.

Czech Republic




The two day workshops include Hands-on techniques, used to help assess and treat your dog plus ‘Canine Movement and Exercise’, studying dogs movement and how exercises can both assessment muscle problems and also help to correct them.  Students are invited to bring their own dogs if the facilities allow.

Julia has also performed a presentation about muscular requirements for the working horse and donkey, along with her colleague Clare Holmes in The Gambia for The Gambian Horse and Donkey Trust November 2013.

If you would like to discuss your individual requirements please do not hesitate to contact us on or call on 01444 881027.

Articles by Julia

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