It’s not just us that love our dogs!

I am very privileged to have just come back from an amazing seminar in Barcelona where I was asked to talk on ‘Pain and Behaviour in Dogs, it was really well received which I was delighted about and inspired many a conversation and discussion.  The seminar was organised by an amazingly talented group of people who are passionate about canine health.  The organisation is called the PDTE (Pet Dog Trainers of Europe) and was started by the amazing Turid Rugaas.  The seminar was organised brilliantly by an impressive dog club called ‘Canidos’ based in Barcelona and headed up by Nuria Janeiro, Pilar Pons and Xavier Barulls

What I found totally inspiring was the roll-call of attendees before the seminar began.  The countries present were: UK, USA, Norway, Spain, Canary Islands, Majorca, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, Czech Republic, Russia, Australia, India, Italy, Hong Kong, Taiwan and I am sure some countries I have failed to mention.  These people travelling across the world, from across the world, to hear how to improve dog’s lives. Awe inspiring!


The seminar was 3 ½ days of diverse speakers on a range of subjects from training to re-homing of Galgos, studies on behaviour and aggression, the importance of scenting and many others.  The speakers also came from across the globe, including Jesus Rosales-Ruiz, Ph.D. Associate Professor from University of North Texas.

The subjects covered were conversation and debate inspiring; this I feel is so important, we don’t have to agree with everyone and everything but we need to know what people are doing and what they are finding and how that can help us too!  And this, I feel is where we could be missing out, by being perhaps a little too colloquial.

I do recognize that we do as a canine nation have international speakers coming over but maybe we should spread our catchment net a little further because there is just so much knowledge out there!

So, what is my point?  My point is there is so much we can share and learn from across the channel!  I am so privileged to travel so much with my work as a Galen Myotherapist, both training and delivering seminars; in fact, next year I am travelling somewhere different every month from Taiwan in January to India in May.

In every country, I am met by ardent dog lovers; yes, and in the East!  I have the joyous task of speaking and working with people, (most of whom do not speak English as a first language).  Without exception, these people are hungry for knowledge as they want the best for their own dogs; and as so many are canine professionals, they also want the best information for the dogs they train.

As always, when traveling and meeting likeminded people the amount I learn from them is fantastic. I do feel sometimes that in the UK we feel that we are the true animal lovers of the world – and we are, but please do not dismiss other nationalities as they love their dogs just as much as we do!

On my travels, I have made some amazing friends and acquaintances who have indelibly and wonderfully affected my life and my ‘canine’ world by their dedication and knowledge.    A woman who is always on my list for her passion for canine health but mainly for her generosity of knowledge, is Turid Rugaas from Norway.  If anyone has not been to one of her seminars or read her books, highly recommended.  She is also responsible for bringing the canine world together through training!

Someone else that is worthy of mention is an incredible Vet called MVDr. Martina Načeradská from the Czech Republic; her passion for canine and feline health within all things health related plus training, showing and anti-puppy farming has landed her in all sorts of trouble and threats; BUT she keeps going and is quite the most inspirational person.

Sindhoor Pangal from Bangalore is another such luminary; the Galen Myotherapy team are going over to India in May to train her and a Vet plus give treatments, workshops and talks to the dog loving people of India, that want to help their dogs more but are struggling with funds.

As a team, we are going over there for no remuneration, to support Sindhoor in her quest to improve these dog’s lives through training and information.  We also are hoping to conduct some studies whilst we are over there.  If anyone is interested in sponsoring us, please do let us know! (I do apologise for the blatant plug!)

These are just three of the many who have so much to teach us and want to learn, perhaps we should be sharing more?

The PDTE conference is in the UK next year, it will be held in September in Durham.

If anyone is interested in finding out about International speakers that I have mentioned or if I have met someone that would work well with a seminar that is being organised, please email.

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