Our International School in Norway

We’re absolutely thrilled to announce we’ve opened an Galen Therapy Centre School in Scandinavia, allowing our international students to attend the practical sessions of our Canine Myotherapy Diploma in Norway.

We’ve always had students all over the world who study with us, due to the nature of our online learning platform. However, enrolment and study has always been co-ordinated from the UK and students have been required to travel to our headquarters in the South of England to attend the practical part of the course. However, our partnership with Innlandet Hundsenter in Norway means that if you’re in Scandinavia or surrounding countries, you can study the Galen Canine Myotherapy Diploma and attend the practical sessions that will be held in Oslo.

Whilst this is still an English language version of the course, this partnership means that students in Scandinavia will have enrolment and study support much closer to them.

Canine Myotherapy Diploma (Full Course)
This is suitable for students who have no previous knowledge of working in animal welfare. It provides all learners with foundation knowledge all the way through to the full diploma.  This new version of the course gives students all the understanding required to become a Canine Myotherapist even if they have limited experience in the field.

Canine Myotherapy Diploma (Direct Access)
This variation of the course is for those students who already have a background in the canine anatomy and physiology, or prior training. It is suitable for those who have completed a canine Anatomy and Physiology course, or Human Sports Therapists or Holistic Massage therapists.

Canine Myotherapy Diploma for the Veterinary Professional
This course is suitable for those who are already working in the capacity of a veterinary professional. This could be a degree-level qualified veterinary nurse, or a vet in training. This cause is also suitable for human or canine physiotherapists.

Canine Myotherapy Diploma for Vets
This is the CPD version of the diploma, and is suitable for vets who would like to increase their knowledge, and support animal welfare with Galen treatment protocols.

Whilst all of these courses are tailored specifically to the foundation knowledge of the learner, all of them lead the student all the way through to being a fully trained Galen Canine Myotherapist. This allows them to support dogs that they own or already work with, or to practice fully as a Canine Myotherapist with the backing and support or the most established training school in the UK.

Further details

Next steps

If you’d like to find out more about signing up the Galen Canine Myotherapy Diploma via our International School in Norway, please contact Innlandet Hundesenter directly. You can reach them via email – kontakt@innlandethundesenter.no or by calling +47 99 04 28 03 / +47 61 16 42 56

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