How treatment will help your dog

All forms of lameness and muscle stiffness should involve muscle therapy (muscle therapy = Myotherapy)

Common causes are:

My using hands-on techniques manipulating specific areas and depth of tissue, this enhances targeted blood flow and facilitates natural healing and positive change within the body.

Different techniques have different affects; some stretch the whole muscle and facial connections facilitating greater mobility.   Other techniques target an area that is congested or inhibited.  This could be either with scar tissue or an overloaded muscle due to adaptive or compensatory change.

All the techniques work on the myofascial connections which help to ‘uncoil’ the body and ease postural, behavioural and physical issues.

Muscle scaring and much more commonly the negative effects of overloading, cause a shortening within muscles, muscle groups and myofascial connections.  These shortened regions draw the joints closer together creating a frictional effect on the joint.  This has a degenerative outcome and creates inhibition, which in turn creates its own compensation and adaptive change, resulting in a postural change.

Myotherapy helps to remove this inhibition by releasing areas of reduced mobility and allows the moving parts to move; therefore the cells of the body to re-claim healthier tissue that improves movement and general well-being.

Other non-manipulative therapies are not always successful in removing ‘muscle inhibition’.  This is where Galen Myotherapy can succeed where other therapies may not.  When Myotherapy removes or eases the inhibition it creates a better movement pattern; often at this point is when other therapies can expound on this and together we can get amazing results!


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