Ongoing lameness

Often dogs just appear unsound or they display occasional lameness.  This type of lameness often doesn’t show up on radiograph (xrays) and can be so difficult to diagnose and treat.

This can be a classic muscular problem and with Galen Myotherapy it can be as few as three treatments to be able to address and ease the lameness.  More than that, every client will be given a plan of how they can help to treat and maintain their dog.

This lameness can be typically covering another condition such as arthritis and the lameness is because of an ‘adaptive change’ within their body as the dog is trying to ease their weight, or loading from where he is finding it painful.  This type of muscle compensatory pain can be extreme and can affect their whole quality of life and behaviour.

Galen Myotherapy has made huge changes to dog’s lives presenting with just these symptoms.

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