Maintaining Working or Sporting Dogs

Galen has been at the forefront of canine ‘working dog’ health for nearly 15 years!  We were the first to introduce the canine warm-up and warm-down!

However, the most important aspect of what Galen Myotherapy does, is to maintain their overall health and well-being.  If your dog is working and competing hard, it is your responsibility to maintain their health.  This is something that over the last 15 years we have been doing alongside some of our most dedicated owners.

Prevention is better than cure and Galen Myotherapy can find and treat issues before they cause an injury or have an impact on their performance. However, why not have them checked out before you suspect anything may be wrong?

The reason regular checks are such a great idea is because even the smallest reduced range of movement will slow you dog down and in these times of speed a full length of stride run by a dog with no inhibition within his muscles will do well – and stay well!

Also, for the long-term consider this, when muscles are damaged, even slightly, they shorten in length which then creates a stress over the surrounding joints.  The stress can cause friction which will then change the joint integrity and possibly create a secondary arthritis or vertebral problem!  By keeping the muscles mobile can be a valuable part of helping to prevent this happening.

Another valuable point, is if your dog is balanced and loading equally through their body traction’ will be better and the likelihood of accidents if reduced.

We also work with you to develop good exercise and treatments you can do on your own dog to keep them at the top of their game

The results for the last two years at Crufts alone are fantastic and consistent:

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