Gundogs Testimonial

“I have 5 working cocker spaniels ranging in age 13 to 2yrs old. They all work in the picking up team on a commercial partridge and pheasant shoot doing about 50 days in a season.

Jasper my 13 yr old is in semi-retirement but has been treated by Julia at Galen Therapy since he was a young dog. He was born with hip and elbow dysplasia and now has arthritis. Jasper has been a very hard working dog thanks to Julia, whose treatment has relived neck and back pain, keeping him sound and doing the job he (still) enjoys.

Freddie is 10 yrs and is still in full work. He recently had a successful cruciate ligament operation which he recovered from very quickly as Julia treated him both pre-and post operation to keep his muscle use as even as possible. The surgeon was delighted with the speed that Freddie recovered and I put so much of that down to the excellent skills of the surgeon whose work was maximised since Freddie’s leg was ready and conditioned with Myotherapy to receive the load as he had been intermittently lame for many weeks before the op.

Treacle is 7yrs she is my most hard working dog as she picks up and does an extra 15 days beating on some family shoots. Julia stretches Treacle’s muscles out as she tends to not use herself evenly and sometimes this manifests itself in going lame in her left back leg. After Julia has elongated her hamstrings she is no longer lame.

Rosehip is 5yrs and Treacle’s daughter. She has a similar body make up to her mother so Julia stretches her muscles so as she does not suffer the same problem as Treacle. Felix is 2yrs. He enjoys his myotherapy to keep him using his muscles as he should therefore be helping him to maintain top condition.”

Louise Brister

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