We’re currently holding practical sessions of …

We’re currently holding practical sessions of our Canine Myotherapy Diploma, and we’re thrilled to welcome a cohort of students to Galen HQ.

Yesterday was the Human Anatomy and Physiology day, an element of our course which really sets our diploma apart from other training courses available from other providers.

On this fascinating and informative day we’re lucky enough to be working with one of the country’s leading sports therapists, Sarah Dover-McCarthy of Sdm* Total Therapy Studios. Sarah takes our students through massage principles and hands-on treatment in the human world. We outline the muscles, skeleton, and various mechanical functions in the human form, and then translate this to the anatomy of a dog and how they move. Our students also get the opportunity to practice and receive feedback on their palpation skills, and it’s a key step in the process of understanding hands-on treatment.

This part of the practical sessions of our diploma really sets us apart, and makes our course utterly unique.

If you’d like to know more about our Canine Myotherapy Diploma, then please feel free to visit our website where you can download a course pack and find out more.


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